Copywriting Retainer Packages

I’ve made a conscious choice not to offer one-off blogs, emails, and social media posts. Why? Because, in my professional opinion, they’re a false economy.

A successful content marketing strategy requires consistency, investment, and strategy across all platforms to generate a positive ROI. I’m all about transparency, and I want my clients to see positive, tangible results. You won’t get those results based on one-off blog posts, emails, and social media copywriting.

You can’t effectively attract, engage, and ultimately convert prospects into clients without creating content that appeals to each phase of your relationship. People have different wants, needs, and expectations from your content depending on where they are in their customer journey. A comprehensive, retainer ensures you delight prospects from the start of your relationship, all the way through to making that first contact, and no matter where your client’s find you online, your business personality is consistent.

The one exception to the rule is the option to ‘test before you invest’ for clients considering one of my copywriting retainers. If you’d like to try me before you buy me, it costs £450 for blog posts up to 1000-words, and £200 for emails up to 300-words.


Why invest in a retainer?

A copywriting retainer package is your opportunity to create a catalogue of content that resonates with your target market no matter where they are in their customer journey and wherever they find you online. It’s your chance to set the stage for your product, service, or solution. My retainers are perfect for problem-solvers, solution-finders, and changemakers who:

  • Understand the importance of great copywriting to your overall marketing strategy (especially SEO)
  • Want consistent, quality content that informs, educates, and entertains your ideal clients across all your digital channels
  • Want to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your personality
  • Want a copywriter to become a trusted extension of your team.

Sound good so far? Keep reading to see how it works in practice.

It starts with a scoping session

In your one-off scoping session (£150), we explore your:

  • business and business direction
  • existing digital marketing strategy, plan, and brand voice
  • ideal clients
  • existing customer journey and key milestones
  • goals for your website, blog, email list, and social media channels
  • content pillars, themes, and ideas.

Then we’ll determine which of my three signature packages suits your needs. They vary in intensity, depending on your goals and available budget.

The Monthly Copywriting Retainer

A perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking for peace of mind that their copywriting needs are taken care of. This is the package for you if you’ve lacked consistency and clarity in your digital marketing activities and you’re ready to commit to something more regular, structured, and sophisticated.

For £1000 a month, it includes:

  • 1 monthly blog (up to 1000-words)
  • 1 monthly email (up to 300-words)
  • 12 short social media posts (suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin).

The Weekly Copywriting Retainer

A more intense package for entrepreneurs who are ready to go big or go home with their content marketing cadence. Especially valuable for businesses ramping up their online visibility when implementing an SEO strategy, or in preparation for an upcoming launch or campaign.

For £1800 a month, it includes:

  • 4 blogs a month (up to 1000-words)
  • 4 emails a month (up to 300-words)
  • 12 short social media posts (suitable for use on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn).

The 'blog by numbers' retainer

If you’re not looking for copywriting support for your email marketing and social media posts, I also offer block-blog-writing, at the below rates. All blogs are search engine optimised and are delivered on a one blog per month basis unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.

  • Package of 3 blogs (up to 1000-words): £1350
  • Package of 6 blogs (up to 1000-words): £2700
  • Package of 9 blogs (up to 1000-words): £4050
  • Package of 12 blogs (up to 1000-words): £5000

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