One-off Copywriting Projects

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles of an ongoing content marketing plan or a copywriting retainer. You’ve got a marketing team in-house to do that stuff for you.

However, nothing beats a copywriter’s keen eye and sharp mind when it comes to articulating your key messaging, website copywriting, and those crucial, conversion-worthy case studies to share with prospective clients.

Keep reading to find out about one-off copywriting projects, and a ball-park price to make sure we’re on the same page before we begin.

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Case Studies

Starting price: £500

A powerful case study is about showing not telling. You can say your business is amazing until you’re blue in the face and no one pays much attention. But when your clients and customers do the talking for you, that’s a different kettle of fish.

Constructing a case study to do your talking for you means listening, understanding, and articulating the real problems faced by your ideal client. Getting to the crux of the problem and demonstrating the real-life impact that your product or service has had on their everyday life.

A great case study paints a picture, defines the problem, and sets the scene for the solution. It presents your client as the hero of the story, but you as the guide, showing them the way to a better future

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Website Copy

Starting price: £250 a page (pricing varies on whether you’re after copywriting only, keyword research, or tone of voice work).

First impressions matter. Whether people come to your website via word of mouth, social media, or the search engine results pages, it’s often your first and last chance to knock your prospect’s socks off.

To take any form of next step (let alone ‘buy now’), your reader needs to know, like, and trust you within those first few fundamental seconds.

For website copywriting that’s clear, confident, and uniquely you, get in touch.

Landing Page Copy

Starting price: £550 (pricing varies, as their complexity depends on your product, service, and what you’re trying to do).

Landing pages are one-page websites with one sole purpose: inspiring a desired action. What that action is varies exponentially. It may be joining a membership, buying a high-ticket item, or making a donation.

The success of a landing page depends on the strength of the argument being made. Your proposed solution must overcome all your prospect’s objections that would otherwise prevent them from acting.

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